Cloud Based Media Exchange Platform - Nordvision Nordif 3



WHEN: since 2012

WHAT: Media Exchange Platform (MEP)


  • To enable Nordvision partners to co-produce and exchange programmes and know-how for the creation of 4,000 TV programmes each year.


  • Broadcasters’ in the group search, browse and select assets using Tedial’s MAM web interface. Upon selection, assets are transferred to the receiving broadcaster using MEP. Files are delivered in the broadcaster’s native format. SD: IMX30, IMX50, HD: XDCam@50Mbps and DNX@120.


  • Tedial’s MEP provides accelerated IP media exchange and a high availability private cloud.

Tedial’s technology enables a multi-tenant cooperation for NORDVISIONS Nordif-3 network. The Nordic public service broadcasters now operate a cloud based content exchange platform to share media and metadata using their own local MAM systems. Led by highly respected Norwegian public service broadcaster NRK and managed by Tedial’s technology delivery partner Mediateket, the solution rapidly and securely shares daily news items and more than 4.000 long form programs every year. HD and SD material contributed by any broadcaster is searchable and selectable via the cloud for rapid cooperation…


Cloud Based Media Exchange Platform - Nordvision Nordif 3


Find below complete Case Study available for download:

Find IT

Wherever content or work-in-progress is stored, Tedial’s enterprise class MAM search tools will Find IT.

Enrich IT

Media tools at every desktop to catalogue, edit and Enrich content for any audience.

Manage IT

So much more than MAM. Seamlessly combine manual and automated tasks for any number of users working at multiple sites. Live operations monitoring, business reporting and shared infrastructure.

Publish IT

Next-generation media workflow transcodes and packages content for any audience: multi-channel TV, catch-up services, VoD and OTT.