WHERE: Mexico

WHEN: since 2005

WHAT: Corporative Archive System, BPM, Tarsys MAM


  • First stage – to provide a MAM solution for Televisa’s historical archive system handling more than 50,000 hours of video. Second stage - to capture and outline Televisa's unique requirements to process design and map workflows into Tedial’s BPM solution.


  • Ficus orchestrates the management of multiple workflows spanning systems across Televisa’s production and backup and archive system, and integrates into the Aveco playout automation system, Omneon video servers and Harris Paradigm traffic system.


Televisa has gained tangible benefits by incorporating business process management (BPM) into the operational workflow of its digital broadcast environment. Broadcasters migrating to file-based systems can increase operational agility and efficiency by incorporating BPM at the core of their design.

At Televisa, Mexico’s top rated TV Network, 150 Televisa staff working at five different sites use Tedial at their desktops every day. They share tasks to prepare media for over 50 channels, running on multiple networks, managing over 100,000 hours of archive, and creating 1000’s of new media packages every day.  News, sports, general entertainment and play-to-air are streamlined and the workflows are integrated with key business systems in traffic, master control automation, media format transcoding and quality control. This provides low-cost and scalable end-to-end process management. 

Find below complete Case Study available for download:

Find IT

Wherever content or work-in-progress is stored, Tedial’s enterprise class MAM search tools will Find IT.

Enrich IT

Media tools at every desktop to catalogue, edit and Enrich content for any audience.

Manage IT

So much more than MAM. Seamlessly combine manual and automated tasks for any number of users working at multiple sites. Live operations monitoring, business reporting and shared infrastructure.

Publish IT

Next-generation media workflow transcodes and packages content for any audience: multi-channel TV, catch-up services, VoD and OTT.