Tedial Evolution™ Software Modules and Solutions Architecture

Tedial solutions are compliant with open IT standards such as XML, SOAP and BPMN 2.0 (Business Process Model and Notation), and its application framework is compliant with SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) principles. Tedial supports next-generation open media standards such as DPP, IMF, MXF and BXF.

Tedial’s software modules have been designed to provide true enterprise functionality enabling a robust, flexible and scalable media IT platform.

  • Evolution MAM provides Tedial's fully featured desktop media tools, with browse and workflow for PC and MAC. 
  • Evolution MPM is Tedial's multi-format workflow automation and enterprise integration platform.
  • Evolution BPM provides media aware business process management configuration tools and reporting framework.
  • Evolution HSM Intelligent Storage Management for disc and tape
  • Tedial's Web Services API provides integration between Tedial's software modules and with third-party business systems such as traffic, third-party PAM and MAM, CMS and business reporting systems.
  • Evolution Version Factory, the world’s first true media factory workflow, supports millions of file input to output configurations and can be managed from a single operator screen.

Tedial Modules

  • Enterprise MAM core and browser-based desktop media tools to manage multi-format media and metadata.

  • High-performance workflow automation and media IT integration platform

  • Purpose designed BPM for broadcast and global media

  • Intelligent Storage Management provides a unique, high-performance alternative to third-party HSMs

  • The WORLD’S FIRST true Media Factory
    One Master Workflow - millions of operations

Find IT

Wherever content or work-in-progress is stored, Tedial’s enterprise class MAM search tools will Find IT.

Enrich IT

Media tools at every desktop to catalogue, edit and Enrich content for any audience.

Manage IT

So much more than MAM. Seamlessly combine manual and automated tasks for any number of users working at multiple sites. Live operations monitoring, business reporting and shared infrastructure.

Publish IT

Next-generation media workflow transcodes and packages content for any audience: multi-channel TV, catch-up services, VoD and OTT.