Today’s broadcasters and global media organisations need to dramatically improve the efficiency throughout their media operations and workflow whilst implementing standards-based IT solutions.  

Tedial’s unique Evolution Media Process Manager (MPM) provides all this is one scalable Module which is fully integrated with the rest of Tedial’s Modules and API.

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  • MPM drives media workflow automation across the business.  
    Users in every department and at any site can work together on a single technology platform.
    •    MPM in ensures that media and metadata flow freely between a facility’s third-party systems. 
    •    MPM orchestrates and executes all of Tedial’s media workflows. Its keeps track of all media locations, transfers and workflow actions throughout the enterprise.
    •    MPM provides content and metadata in the right format wherever it’s needed, to users and third party systems in the most efficient way.
    •    MPM automatically manages and monitors file transfers between the many thousands of sources and destinations found in a modern media enterprise.
    •    MPM automatically reprioritises the media processing workload in real-time according to the urgency and importance of each workflow, media type and the specific operational rights of each user.

  • MPM speeds up workflow at every desktop
    •    MPM Flow Manager executes the optimal workflows required to move files between multiple systems, so that content is made available in the most efficient way, regardless of the combination of third-party storage and transcoding systems used. 
    •    Dramatically reduces the media processing time during transcoding or file transfer. 
    •    Improves productivity by ensuring operators do not have to wait for their media or metadata.
    •    MPM ensures that third-party databases and business management systems are updated and synchronised. 
    •    Guarantees that all metadata associated with media is preserved throughout workflows from acquisition, through post-production and enrichment through to packaging and delivery.
    •    File Compatibility - Ensures compatibility without constraints from proprietary formats and wrappers. 
    •    MPM Worker application servers provide high-performance media throughput and load balancing 
    •    Media Normalization Analysis tools scan media files on-the-fly, checking them against specified SMPTE standards and for compliance with the corporate, archive or channel profile to ensure that file consistency and compatibility is always maintained. MPM can be configured to continuously identify and automatically fix minor syntactical file inconsistences, such as incorrect or missing metadata in headers, which are so often disrupt workflow and cause unexpected incompatibility issues in tapeless environments. 

  • MPM provides a True Enterprise Level Integration Platform. 
    Using ESB and SOA principles, MPM is specifically designed to meet the requirements of real time broadcast and enterprise media IT.

    •    MPM has an impressive portfolio of proven interfaces covering the industry’s most widely used devices and systems. Moreover, this architecture allows developments to be reused, so all new integrations and enhancements of third party interfaces are available to all customers.

  • MPM integrates your legacy Broadcast and IT systems 
    Long-term multi-manufacture support for video servers, traffic, play-out automation, editors, newsroom system, subtitling devices, automatic QC. 

    •    MPM provides the middleware platform to manage third-party technology using XML, IP, plug-ins and API’s as required (even if many of the systems involved are often incompatible for either technical or commercial reasons).
    •    MPM’s provides an open middleware platform enabling multiple heterogeneous systems to be integrated and to communicate with each other. MPM provides a single point of integration when key components of the overall system are updated, changed and decommissioned. 
    Media Administrators can define key parameters such as which resources are dedicated to critical tasks, the number of concurrent operations and the time when the non-urgent processing will be carried out. 

  • MPM manages software and equipment updates FAST, EASY and MANAGEABLE
    •    MPM is abstracted from Business Process Tools-- Innovative in its application, the logical separation of the integration layer from the human processes means that changing underlying tools and systems does not impact the day to day tasks in the operations.

    •    IT Standard.ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) which Tedial has adapted to the large range of proprietary APIs, protocols and formats that broadcast vendors implement, allowing multiple heterogeneous systems to integrate and communicate among themselves without code having to be written, even when key components of the overall system are updated, changed and decommissioned. 


Find IT

Wherever content or work-in-progress is stored, Tedial’s enterprise class MAM search tools will Find IT.

Enrich IT

Media tools at every desktop to catalogue, edit and Enrich content for any audience.

Manage IT

So much more than MAM. Seamlessly combine manual and automated tasks for any number of users working at multiple sites. Live operations monitoring, business reporting and shared infrastructure.

Publish IT

Next-generation media workflow transcodes and packages content for any audience: multi-channel TV, catch-up services, VoD and OTT.