Based on 15 years of innovations, Tedial introduces the Evolution Version Factory, the world’s first true Evolution Version Factory workflow; a single efficient and cost effective workflow that supports millions of file input to output configurations and can be managed from a single operator screen.

Designed to interface to content management/rights management/traffic/work order systems for automated operations, the Evolution Version Factory stacks chosen media engines (transcoders, quality control, DRM, CDN, etc.), employs SMPTE standardized designs for future proof “N-input to N-output” operations and provides the maximum flexibility and scalability for OTT/VOD Platforms, Network Operations and media companies focused on managing their Brand across all distribution formats.

Evolution Version Factory allows the unification of the content delivery to all destinations into a single, high-scalable and flexible platform to provide global management of all the outgoing deliver tasks.

​Evolution Version Factory works based on Distribution Instruction Sets Profiles that defines uniquely a destination point. Three key elements:

CPL. Components of the MediaSet to be delivered: Video / Audio Language(s) / Subtitle(s) involved in the Delivery Service. Not all tracks defined in the CPL will be part of the original MediaFile of an asset stored in Evolution MAM. Some additional tracks can be added to de CPL definition in order to represent some media tracks that will be generated during the execution of the Evolution Version Factory process.

OPL. Transformations to be done to create the final package: Transcoding, Packaging, Publishing, DRM etc. … IMF defines these transformations as Macros using Engines (3rd party products, such as transcoders or Tedial).

Packaging, in the final destination with the required components (trailers, artworks) and manifest(s) in a folder structure.


  • Universal scheduling management for lineal and non-linear platforms
  • Linear-Non-Linear for Unified and End-to-End monitoring
  • Low-cost, high-speed, highly-configurable
  • Able to manage millions of input files to output configurations from a single screen
  • Automatic identification
  • Automatic media transformations 
  • Automatic Ad Insertion
  • Packages Delivery for each specific platform: Audio languages; Subtitles; Artwork; Posters, banners; Trailers…
  • Flexible output package definition within every delivery profile
  • Unification of content delivery destinations
  • Maximum flexibility and scalability for OTT/VOD Platforms

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