The Challenge

Multichannel broadcasters and international networks face a massive increase in the volume and complexity of the media they have to schedule, ingest, QC, add rich metadata, playout and package for non-linear and OTT delivery.

Tedial’s Media IT solutions are ideally suited to enhance multi-channel playout systems required to streamline playout workflows whilst adding cost-effective packaging for OTT and non-linear distribution.

Business benefits

  • Efficient and Intuitive Content Management. Tedial Mediaset streamlines the management of the many physical and logical versions, audio tracks, subtitles and any other ancillary content (such as EPG, scripts and flyers) that may exist due to existing scheduling and playout systems.
  • Automatic schedule driven content preparation workflows.
  • Unique BPM driven multi-channel workflow engine for multiple services.
  • Dashboards for real-time operation monitoring configured to each customer’s needs to pulse content preparation and packaging workflows.
  • Data mining module to provide reports for workflow optimisation, bottleneck detection, platform capability and resources planning (human and technical).
  • MPM integration platform for scalable and open infrastructure integration.
  • Media Business Reporting with dashboards and live displays.
  • Simultaneous packaging of material and metadata for OTT services and VoD delivery.
  • Tedial’s upstream media enrichment and packaging workflow is ideally suited to work with channel-in-a-box (CiAB) and integrated channel playout systems.
  • Multi-language workflows with audio and subtitling.
  • Improved storage management with Tedial AST provides efficient access to archive and other storage systems in departments such as ingest, content preparation, promos and screening.
  • Flexible and configurable metadata model to suit scheduling and traffic systems alongside automation.
  • Out-of-the-box building blocks to simplify the workflows definition and optimise content preparation, such as Ingest, QC, Versioning, Editing, Packaging and Delivery, etc.

Find IT

Wherever content or work-in-progress is stored, Tedial’s enterprise class MAM search tools will Find IT.

Enrich IT

Media tools at every desktop to catalogue, edit and Enrich content for any audience.

Manage IT

So much more than MAM. Seamlessly combine manual and automated tasks for any number of users working at multiple sites. Live operations monitoring, business reporting and shared infrastructure.

Publish IT

Next-generation media workflow transcodes and packages content for any audience: multi-channel TV, catch-up services, VoD and OTT.