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Solutions Full IMF Support

Full IMF Support

Our IMF MAM Solution: The industry’s only End-to-end IMF workflow leveraging IMF methodologies without overloading processes due to internal conversions or limitations in the content management structure.

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Full IMF Support

IMF END TO END SOLUTION that supports IMF format for Ingest, Archive and Deliver and in the rest of workflow operations.


  • Media industry is demanding the usage of Interoperable Master Format (IMF) for the exchange of media content.
  • In the past media and metadata were the only exchanged content files, yet today much more is needed: IMF can package images, thumbnails, reports, audio files, artwork, trailers, XML data, etc. and to deliver everything together. Tedial Evolution manages true IMF collections with a single workflow!
  • NETFLIX, EBU, Sony... more industry references everyday adopt IMF as their preferred exchange format.


  • Tedial uses IMF structure in our internal archive and metadata.
  • Tedial uses IMF packages for distribution.
  • Tedial imports IMF packages (IMP) for ingest.
  • Tedial has developed wrap – unwrap software tools that can un-package IMF into files for those destinations that haven´t still adopted IMF as unique format.
  • Tedial manages different IMF scenarios, such as single segment, multi segment, and localized versions.
  • IMF Ingest: Complete IMP and Supplemental IMF package import for Master Versions, Editorials, Localized versions.
  • Enrichment: Title enrichment via additional audio files, subtitles, and new version generation.
  • IMF Publishing with any combination of video/audio/subtitles and associated media.
  • Title-centric view: Using Tedial's Mediaset, all the content versions and its related components are easily located linked to the title.
  • Full IMF support: Metadata import, markers, multiple framerates, aspect ratio and 3D, Multiple Segments.
  • Flexible delivery profiles supporting Complete and/or supplemental packages: New IMF packages generated for delivery.
  • Security: Integration with watermarking solutions for content protection including supplemental packages.


  • No media replication required: Archived content referencing the Master media is represented by IMF supplemental packages in the archive so that no media replication is done.
  • Complete Summary visibility: a consolidated presentation of all related assets in proxy tools for operators to browse supplemental packages seamlessly.
  • Titles automatically built from both complete or supplemental IMF Packages.
  • Multiple Master Version(s) co-exist within the same title.
  • Localized Versions are linked to a specific master version via the IMF package relationship.
  • Configured to meet customer defined business rules within the end-to-end workflow.
  • IMF Datamodel Extension.
  • Content Relations.
  • Creation of IMF Compliant Delivery Profiles.
  • Dashboards and Report tools.
  • Flexible, configurable delivery integrated with online platforms, social media and linear playout.


All Tedial Solutions can be provided as SAAS model

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