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About us

Tedial Develops Media Management (MAM) solutions that maximize business efficiency and profitability.

Technology leadership from 2001.

Tedial is a leading provider of MAM solutions (Media and Content Management) designed to maximize business efficiency and profitability.

Thanks to technological innovation and industry leadership, and justified by years of prestigious product awards, our company provides international broadcasters and global media companies with next-generation solutions for Media Management and business driven media workflow. Tedial software enables end-to-end business media and entertainment orchestration, marrying media preparation and logistics to a complete supply-chain operation, providing our enterprise clients with scalable tools that cost-effectively support increased business efficiency and profitability, in-line with unprecedented deployment speed to keep pace with expanding media consumption, increasing year on year.

Tedial Solutions are designed to reinforce our customers position in a very competitive environment, allowing them to increase margin and profit in a transforming industry where the consumer habits and demands for supply constantly evolve.

A global company with consistently, successfully delivered large, complex MAM/Content Management systems.

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Tedial is an independent company, flexible in our commercial offer and customer service approach.



Tedial software is ready to provide the latest technology for cloud infrastructure, private, public or virtualized in external datacenters, as well as business models like subscription services, SAAS, etc.



Based on our expertise in media management and hundreds of third party tool integrations, Tedial solutions can be integrated into any other business or industry outside of the Media and Entertainment space, including Government, Banking, Retail, Healthcare, etc.



In Tedial we prefer to work in partnership with our customers, as technological partners more than just a supplier. Our team is accessible, creative, experienced, transparent and visionary, and we support our partners by working as part of the same team.

All Tedial Solutions can be provided as SAAS model


Tedial is dedicated to create true value in our customers’ business model by supporting operations and automating process to enable increased efficiency and profitability.

Tedial helps your business grow with its versatile MAM solutions.




Drawing on university expertise in Malaga, our trained MAM and Workflow experts are capable, expert, customer focused, creative, reliable, and supportive; we understand the round-the-clock requirements of today’s media and entertainment companies; and we are dedicated to our clients’ continued success and profitability.