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Articles Feb 14th, 2018

Want to dramatically improve your sports production workflow?

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sports production solution

Know SMART LIVE, the ultimate sports production solution.

AI has wide reaching implications for the media and entertainment industry: It’s a disruptive technology that will provide enhanced viewing and increased opportunities for monetization. How do media companies add value for their customers and ensure that AI’s not just another “me too” solution?

At NAB 2018, Tedial is launching SMART LIVE the automated LIVE SPORT solution, which as one industry publication has headlined “will bring a major breakthrough in sports production.” What is SMART LIVE? How will it improve your sports production workflow? And, what makes it unique?

SMART LIVE is agnostic to any sports or data providers. Its powerful metadata engine can be easily configured to create an automatic metadata ingest process, addressing the more demanding and the more complex sport workflows. The solution dramatically increases the utility of the MAM GUI interface, bringing the MAM much closer to LIVE production than ever before.

Before any action happens, SMART LIVE ingests a live data feed and automatically creates an event inside its metadata engine. Simultaneously SMART LIVE automatically creates the corresponding log sheets, the player grids and a schedule of the event.  All these preparations are linked and organized by collections, so an entire season of sports events can be prepared automatically in advance.  

SMART LIVE is 100 per cent compatible with PAM providers such as SAM and EVS, which makes it the perfect tool to orchestrate all business processes on top of an existing PAM. With its automated metadata engine and automated story telling clip services, the SMART LIVE tools can generate automatic highlights and feed your social media channels! As a learning machine, it can then manage your end-to-end media life-cycle, increasing fan engagement, thereby driving your content to higher profitability.

Want to know more? Come and see the SMART LIVE launch on our booth N1420 at NAB 2018. 

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