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News May 25th, 2016

Tedial brings Version Factory to Broadcast Asia 2016

Broadcast Asia 2016, Evolution BPM, MAM, OTT/VOD, SMPTE, Version Factory, Workflow

Tedial, the leading independent MAM technology solutions specialist, is showing its award-winning Version Factory, the world’s first true media factory workflow for the first time in Asia at Broadcast Asia 2016, on the Magna booth 5C2-01. A single efficient and cost-effective workflow, Version Factory supports millions of file input-to-output configurations and can be managed from a single operator screen.

Based on 15 years of innovation and designed to interface to content management/rights management/traffic/work order systems for automated operations, the Version Factory stacks chosen media engines (transcoders, quality control, DRM, CDN, etc.), employs SMPTE standardized designs for future proof “N-input to N-output” operations and provides the maximum flexibility and scalability for OTT/VOD platforms, network operations and media companies focused on managing their brand across all distribution formats.

As well as Version Factory, Tedial will be showcasing its Evolution BPM, the industry’s fastest and most flexible Business Process

Management (BPMN 2.0 compliant) Workflow engine.  Recognizing the need for a media-centric, truly scalable workflow engine Tedial’s Evolution BPM provides a solution for media companies that are struggling to manage an ever-growing number of workflows per day, hour or second.

Real world statistics prove Evolution BPM can process 50,000 workflows in only 2.9 minutes on an average sized platform. Evolution BPM provides broadcasters and media companies with a cost-effective foundation to operate their businesses practices efficiently.

“Tedial delivers the advanced features and high performance that media companies require to drive their current and future business growth and guarantee the profitability of their operations,” explains Esther Mesas, Tedial’s Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. “We have revolutionized media asset management bringing state-of-the-art technology to today’s media landscape and we’re delighted to showcase this at Broadcast Asia 2016.”

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