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Solutions VERSION FACTORY for Distribution

VERSION FACTORY for Distribution

VERSION FACTORY. Our Media Factory solution: Efficiency Mastered! Cost effective solutions that manage any input file format transformation for package and distribution, fully compatible with VOD and OTT platforms.

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VERSION FACTORY for Distribution

VERSION FACTORY is a single efficient and cost-effective workflow that supports millions of file inputs, transforming them to delivery configurations, ready to be distributed to online platforms from a single operator screen.




  • Distribute massive volumes of content to thousands of linear and non-linear destinations at the lowest possible cost with amazing speed.
  • Build your business on a backbone that offers true linear scaling of processes with the world’s fastest and most reliable workflow operations.
  • Control end site specifications and changes with a single operator screen, for easy, updates and additions.
  • Grow your media distribution outlets and your revenue—you are in control!


  • Massive Content Distribution based on Delivery profiles.
  • Unlimited scalability.
  • Flexibility: Easily adapt to end site specifications and changes with a single operator screen.
  • Business Optimization: Increase revenue by adding distribution outlets.
  • IMF adoption for delivery profiles configuration: CPL/OPL + Packaging.
  • Automated metadata transformation for specific platforms including external information (rating, billing, etc.)
  • Unified management of all the components within a title: Video, Audio, Subtitles, plus related Artworks and Trailers.
  • Automated stitching for adverts insertion: Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll and Post-Roll.


  • RESTful API to trigger new workflows and distribution orders.
  • Integrate with Business Systems: Traffic, work order systems, CMS, etc.
  • Automate execution and control of external devices and systems: QC, transcoders, etc.
  • Package creation, management and delivery, using industry standard metadata relationships.
  • Highly configurable using graphical tools to specify business rules and metadata needed for every destination.
  • Global monitoring including dashboards and reports on overall platform performance, SLA compliance: identify bottlenecks to solve inefficiencies, overview workload to optimize resources.


All Tedial Solutions can be provided as SAAS model