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Solutions Archive Content Preservation

Archive Content Preservation

High-End archive MAM supports the latest broadcast formats in multi-site and multi-tenant deployments.

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Archive Content Preservation


  • Corporate MAM across multiple sites to ensure interoperability and content preservation.
  • Deep Archive for all the areas within a broadcast facility: News, Sports, Programs, etc. with content segregation.
  • Need to archive millions of assets in a centralized platform.
  • Legacy archive migration: Tapes, Files, Legacy MAMs carefully moved into a standard, accessible and centralized platform.


  • Datamodel standardization with specific extensions tailored for each customer.
  • Support the latest professional formats and flavors: UHD, HDR, 3D, high bitrate, 360.
  • Large Portfolio of integrated systems to automate media workflows and optimize productivity.
  • Experience in Legacy archives migration and databases import.
  • Security: Specific visibility levels, integration with corporate user management systems, watermarking, DRM, Object Storage.


  • Web Based user interface using the latest streaming technologies for intuitive simplicity.
  • Searching, Navigation and Browsing MAM content with improved usability.
  • Multiple repositories for efficient content organization and segregation.
  • Advanced, world-class search engine.
  • Manage multiple media locations and storage technologies, enabling cloud and multi-site operations.


All Tedial Solutions can be provided as SAAS model