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Solutions Live events and production

Live events and production

Manage, catalog, produce and deliver live events content while it's happening.

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Live events and production

Tedial Sports is a flexible solution to manage Live event content: Produce, live Catalog, Archive, Transform and Deliver Sport content to maximize content visibility and monetization in the moment it is happening.


  • Reduce production costs minimizing human resources needed in the sport center or live studio, using remote access to content via web GUI.
  • Produce Magazines, create summaries by editing fragments and post outcome to internet or playout.
  • Live logging to share metadata immediately with social media and other platforms.
  • Immediate delivery to Social Networks thanks to full integration support.
  • Remote operations at lower costs.


  • Real time access to live events in a Web-Based application.
  • Live Logging with a flexible and dynamic Datamodel.
  • Sports Content Distribution to all types of platforms, social media.
  • Deep Archive.
  • Multi-Site operations.
  • Web-Based application designed for usability to easily search and navigate within Events / Logs.
  • Highly scalable, cost-effective solution.
  • Tight Integration with Production Systems to automate the media and metadata exchange.
  • Improved security, using repositories, Access Control Lists, and specific user rights to protect the most valuable assets.
  • Pull powerful statistics and historical media during an event with real audience significance.
  • Advance search and cataloging tools configurable for every sport type and event.
  • Miscellaneous management of live feeds from third party devices (EVS, AVID, etc.), internet files, and more.
  • Multi-camera support.
  • Fully compliant EVS integration.


  • Real time access to live events via variable bit rate low resolution proxies.
  • Automatic Media and Metadata import/export, including locators.
  • Flexible and configurable metadata for every sport event.
  • Specific event classifications for every sport (Football, league, goal, etc.).
  • Configurable keywords for every sport type and event.
  • Supporting the latest formats: Multi-Camera feeds, high-bitrate, HDR, etc.
  • Multi-Site storage management, including cloud and hybrid cloud deployments.


All Tedial Solutions can be provided as SAAS model

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