Cloud Native Media Integration Platform

smartWork Provide future-proofing and scalability



smartWork is Tedial´s next-generation Media Integration Platform which takes self-sufficiency to a new level. A unique NoCode approach transforms users into “citizen developers” – who can quickly and efficiently produce new workflows, products and services.

smartWork puts you in control! – ensuring your business has the Agility to stay ahead of the competition and  take advantage of every revenue opportunity.

SmartWork Interface

smartWork is natively built with microservices and kubernetes to provide future-proofing and scalability, both of media operations and resources. Thanks to the no-code approach, complexity abstraction and visual tools which are built into the platform, users without coding or deep technical knowledge (citizen developers) can easily build and manage workflows. This leads to greater self-sufficiency with cost saving, as well as time to market benefits for the organization.


Why smartWork

Discover how smartWork can revolutionize your productivity within your media operations. Watch video to learn more.


Product Highlights


User Authentication

Single-Sign On (SAML 2.0), Federated Access, Account Management Console


Swappable Integrations

HSM, Media Transformation, Quality Control, Notification, BPM, Content Management, Packages, AI, Media Transfer



Similar methods or operations that can be performed with integrations. The same methods are used in similar integrations enabling swappable integrations



Self-validation functionality of site configuration, and workflow design


Help Wizards

In app step by step help wizards for self sufficiency



thorough integration documentation, site creation and workflow configuration 'How-To' guides


Workflow Processing Tools

Out of the box pre-built Processes, Building Blocks and Human Activities for common media workflows (Collaborations, Delivery, Enrichment, Ingest, Live, Picklist, Publishing).


No code pipeline editor

easy-to-use, quick drag & drop tool to assemble and modify workflows without knowledge of BPM notation.


Advanced No Code BPM editor

embedded BPM editor with simplified BPM operations that allow users to easily modify processes and building blocks.


Monitoring Tools

real-time operation monitoring of on-going workflows and the global operation.



Frequent Questions & Answers

“NoCode” is a type of software development that allows anyone to create digital applications without writing a single line of code. It involves using tools with an intuitive, drag-&-drop interface to create a unique solution to a problem. smartWork is termed as a NoCode Media Integration Platform because workflows can be designed and implemented without any software coding.

Gartner state; “ Composable business means creating an organisation made from interchangeable building blocks”
From a technology perspective, Tedial supports this approach by focusing on modularity (through micro-services/micro-applications) to promote the re-use, re-purpose and adaption – of existing applications and services

A packaged business capability describes a well-defined single (or series) of use-cases common to a specific media operation – such as content migration, delivery or localisation. Tedial make these available in smartWork, in the form of add-on “smartPacks”
Import of a smartPack will load all the use-case foundations including workflows, interfaces and dashboards. It will also flag if any dependencies are missing (i.e., integrated services). Once any missing items are remedied then the workflows can be validated & executed.

With smartWork hybrid cloud support you can choose to adapt your operations incrementally – with continued use or repurpose of existing assets & infrastructure. Hybrid cloud also give much more flexibility in where you place your operations and resources – taking into account considerations of the specific workflow, costs & business continuity.

smartWork has multi-cloud support. It has already been deployed and tested in multiple clouds, including AWS, Google & Microsoft. 

smartWork is integrated with many third-party services in addition to our own MAM system (Evolution).  Other options existing for common content processing/handling activities which include transcoding, auto QC, file-transfers, scheduling, NRCS, storage, archive & AI tools. More services are been added to bring more choice and capabilities to platform users.

smartWork is a media workflow & services integration platform. Certain workflows orchestrated by smartWork may require the capability that a MAM system offers. Therefore, for the widest possible support – smartWork does include integration and licensing of its award winning Evolution MAM system

How can I ensure business continuity as we transition from our current systems to smartWork?

With smartWork as your new media integration platform, you can plan to minimise and even avoid disruption to your operations. This is because existing systems and services (on-premise or cloud) can be easily “connected” or newly integrated into smartWork. 

In addition, transfer of content and data can be supported by application of the content migration smartPackage. This could happen during the initial transition to smartWork or later – for example, when introducing a new media management service

Yes, Tedial provide a fully supported  development program for all its software products – including smartWork. Full details of our development program and accreditation levels are given here 


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