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Providing the best combination of solutions

Tedial's partner program has been designed to assist companies and their customers in their digital transformation journey and prepare them for their next integration or automation challenge. We believe automation is the key to sustainable business growth, and it's more effective when we do it together.

Strategic Solution Partners

We are committed to collaborating with systems integrators and global consulting partners in the M&E market to maximise efficiency and productivity by providing easily scalable integration-based automation solutions:

  • Reduces project time and costs by standardising common integrations.
  • Increases your portfolio of higher-value strategic services.
  • Expands your offering with new customer business process automations.
  • Closes more deals and increases customer satisfaction by meeting integration demands with relative ease and affordability.

Tedial’s Strategic Solution Partners bring unparalleled expertise to the M&E industry. They are highly skilled consultants and systems integrators who can properly implement business processes and ensure that customers get the most out of our automation platform.

Technology Alliance partners

No single application can do everything on its own. Instead, the most proficient focus on their core features and rely on integrations with other exceptional applications to obtain the best results.

Tedial’s smartWork is the application integration platform (iPaaS) that simplifies the process of making application vendors’ products suitable for customers’ specific needs. smartWork creates an environment of interoperability and compatibility, enabling applications, integration solutions and data to quickly and easily connect, automating the entire business process.

Tedial’s Technology Alliance Partners provide best-of-breed applications that integrate with the ecosystem of products and solutions that the M&E market demands, creating a unified digital experience and offering a reliable and secure integration solution

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