Always ahead of the market. Often copied, never surpassed!

World leader in media workflow technology innovation


Often copied, never surpassed! Always ahead of the market with innovations and award-winning monetization ideas. Strategic leadership in archive management tools, orchestration and media logistics.

Technical Strengths


Cloud Native, Deploy Anywhere: On Prems, Hybrid Cloud and Multisite. Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC)


Easy Prototyping, Quick Time to Market


Based on full compliance with IT and SMPTE specifications for the most “future proof” applications.


Our technology roadmap includes technical innovations applied to today’s Media & Entertainment industry


The world’s only media-centric Business Process Management Engine, fast, reliable and unlimited scalability


Defined security based on the Movie labs Security Principles

Innovation Projects

IDA project

The aim of the iDA project is the design and develop tools and processes to decommission that preserve their content permanently on a physical medium and online, and that include tools for database regeneration together with its search functionalities.

GALA project

The aim of the GALA project is a cloud-oriented desing for management of all types of digital multimedia content (video, images, audio, documents...) in the museum sector and similar organizations. The platform includes an automatic indexing mechanism for digital assets, which facilitates an efficient search, viewing and download process.

LCWO project

LCWO project aim is to focus on creating an innovative solution within the Media & Entertainment sector. LCWO will be developed as a unified system that allows the distributed design and execution of media work orders (and flows), easily integrating the different components of the complete management process (people, sources, destinations, storage and methods of content transformation).

Immortal Virtual Machine

Our goal with the Immortal Virtual Machine (iVM) project is to build a holistic preservation solution that ensures access to today’s digital data in the future (500+ years). We will develop a disruptive and immortal VM to reconstruct data in the future, integrate it with the existing Piql Preservation System and make it available for other relevant data storage systems.

Tedial 4K Archive Solution

Development of software applications and additional support to enable extend the use of Tedial´s MAM to production and post-production environments in 4K formats (UHDTV1 and digital cinema).

Tedial Hiper-MAM

The project ‘Development of a Hyper-MAM of digital content in parallel MAMs’ aims to develop a set of technologies and methodologies of design and operation, which make it possible to implement a global MAM or Hyper-MAM (a “MAM of MAMs”) on several independent MAMs that operate in a corporate environment.