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Base Plan

Core Platform for Supply Chain Design & Management

Choose a standard software subscription plan with the option to further customise to meet your exact needs. Plans are based on –


+ Platform Capabilities

Scale Operations, Expand Capacity & Introduce New Capabilities!

Direct licensing model enabling you to do more – when you need to!

Media Ingest

+ Business Capabilities

Fast-track Application of Packaged Media Services to your smartWork Platform

Create a near-instant  environment to support your application needs –

AST benefits

Standard Software Subscription Plans


€5k per month

  • 1 Platform site
  • 1 Platform tenant
  • 2 Integrated systems
  • 5 Concurrent workflows
  • 10 Evolution MAM concurrent users


€7.5k per month

  • 2 Platform site
  • 1 Platform tenant
  • 5 Integrated systems
  • 10 Concurrent workflows
  • 20 Evolution MAM concurrent users


€10k per month

  • 3 Platform site
  • 1 Platform tenant
  • 10 Integrated systems
  • 20 Concurrent workflows
  • 30 Evolution MAM concurrent users

Access to smartWork?

Tedial Business Partner: Service Provision by SaaS model (OPEX)

smartWork will typically be hosted by the service provider with a tenancy set up for the customer. The customer will have access to smartWork user tools (including NoCode workflow design), BI & third-party content services made available within the total service provision

Tedial Business Partner: Full Managed Service Provision (OPEX)

This model may only expose reporting/BI to the customer. User tasks, workflows and platform adaptions would be executed by the managed service provider to meet an agreed service level

Tedial Business Partner: Systems Integration Project (CAPEX/OPEX)

smartWork will typically be installed within the customer’s environment (on-premises/data centre). The scope of the project may include IT hardware provision, third party software & professional services


Frequent Questions and Answers

“NoCode” is a type of software development that allows anyone to create digital applications without writing a single line of code. It involves using tools with an intuitive, drag-&-drop interface to create a unique solution to a problem. smartWork is termed as a NoCode Media Integration Platform because workflows can be designed and implemented without any software coding.

Gartner state; “ Composable business means creating an organisation made from interchangeable building blocks”
From a technology perspective, Tedial supports this approach by focusing on modularity (through micro-services/micro-applications) to promote the re-use, re-purpose and adaption – of existing applications and services

A packaged business capability describes a well-defined single (or series) of use-cases common to a specific media operation – such as content migration, delivery or localisation. Tedial make these available in smartWork, in the form of add-on “smartPacks”
Import of a smartPack will load all the use-case foundations including workflows, interfaces and dashboards. It will also flag if any dependencies are missing (i.e., integrated services). Once any missing items are remedied then the workflows can be validated & executed.

With smartWork hybrid cloud support you can choose to adapt your operations incrementally – with continued use or repurpose of existing assets & infrastructure. Hybrid cloud also give much more flexibility in where you place your operations and resources – taking into account considerations of the specific workflow, costs & business continuity.

smartWork has multi-cloud support. It has already been deployed and tested in multiple clouds, including AWS, Google & Microsoft. 

smartWork is integrated with many third-party services in addition to our own MAM system (Evolution).  Other options existing for common content processing/handling activities which include transcoding, auto QC, file-transfers, scheduling, NRCS, storage, archive & AI tools. More services are been added to bring more choice and capabilities to platform users.

smartWork is a media workflow & services integration platform. Certain workflows orchestrated by smartWork may require the capability that a MAM system offers. Therefore, for the widest possible support – smartWork does include integration and licensing of its award winning Evolution MAM system

How can I ensure business continuity as we transition from our current systems to smartWork?

With smartWork as your new media integration platform, you can plan to minimise and even avoid disruption to your operations. This is because existing systems and services (on-premise or cloud) can be easily “connected” or newly integrated into smartWork. 

In addition, transfer of content and data can be supported by application of the content migration smartPackage. This could happen during the initial transition to smartWork or later – for example, when introducing a new media management service

Yes, Tedial provide a fully supported  development program for all its software products – including smartWork. Full details of our development program and accreditation levels are given here 


IABM BAM Award 2022

"...democratizing the workflow configuration for a supply chain, and addressing ‘non value add’ activities like common vendor integrations that otherwise have to be built bespoke each time.” - IABM

IBC Best in Show 2022

"...democratizing the workflow configuration for a supply chain, and addressing ‘non value add’ activities like common vendor integrations that otherwise have to be built bespoke each time.” - IABM

NAB Best in Show 2022

"...democratizing the workflow configuration for a supply chain, and addressing ‘non value add’ activities like common vendor integrations that otherwise have to be built bespoke each time.” - IABM


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