Security Policy

Tedial is a leader in researching and developing its own products in the technological data market. TEDIAL is developping products able to offer a complete solution for the design and implementation of multimedia data systems. These products provide efficient and scalable solutions able to configure and set up a multimedia archive system in minimum period of time.

Our GOAL is to implement a multimedia content archive service with an integrated security policy which fulfils international standars, so the following requirements must be accomplished:

  • To keep confidentiality, integrity and availability of all tasks regarding the tasks development inside the system.
  • To accomplish the applicable law and rules, as well as to fulfil the voluntarily established requirements.
  • To guarantee that all products designed by TEDIAL and the tasks related to the design process have fulfilled a range of tests and possess an increasing security level.
  • To guarantee that TEDIAL exposure risks are under acceptable levels.
  • To generate a work enviroment where the security activities developped by the staff would be recognized. Besides, to create a general culture in order to perform secured and ruled taks to avoid any increase of TEDIAL security risk levels.

Our VISION is to become a reference in audiovisual and multimedia technology development and implementation on all those sectors where those technologies or services may be considered as a profit.

We will adapt our technology to confront all challenges proposed whose rewards will be appropriate and can be developped according to the values further mentioned.

On the path marked by our GOAL and VISION, we have defined several VALUES to share, always having into account key aspects of the information security management, which allow us to develop a company culture, a way of work and taking decisions in TEDIAL:

  • Our specialization and continuous updating.
  • Achieving information security and personal data treatment to be a constant:
    • Preserving data confidentiality and avoiding its dissemination; avoiding access to non-authorized people.
    • Keeping the data integrity trying to maintain its accuracy and avoiding its deterioration.
    • Ensuring availability of information on each support and whenever required.
  • Tedial’s Board of Directors specially appreciates confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data and even more that of their clients.
  • Thus, Tedial commits to develop, implement, keep and improve its Information Security Management System (ISMS) in order to constantly improve their services and our clients and company data treatment. So that:
    • The objectives regarding data security must be established every year.
    • Tedial must fulfill all legal, contractual and business requirements.
    • Tedial must covered all training and awareness activities of data security processes for the whole staff.
    • Tedial must develop an analysis, management and risk treatment process about data assets.
    • Tedial must generate inspections and the appropiate monitoring to mitigate the detected risks.
    • Tedial must identity the staff responsability according to:
      • The report of security breaches
      • The preservation of confidentiality, integrity and availability of data assets according to this policy
      • The accomplishment of the inherent politics and procedures of the Information Security Management System.
  • The Security Manager is the direct responsible for maintaining this policy, giving advice and guidance for its implementation and amendments, facing possible deviations in its fulfilment.

Proof of our commitment to the security of our customers is evidenced by the reliability and quality of the certifications found in the Tedial Security Roadmap: