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Solutions EVOLUTION MAM for media workflow orchestration

EVOLUTION MAM for media workflow orchestration

Our Media Workflow Orchestration and BPM solution: Manage the entire content re-purpose process in an automatic workflow.

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EVOLUTION MAM for media workflow orchestration

Evolution MAM for media workflow orchestration

Evolution MAM by Tedial dispatches tasks to resources and automates all the operations needed from Ingest to Distribution, such as QC, Subtitles and Audio management, Images, Edition, Versioning, Localization, etc.


  • Media localization.
  • Re-purpose for online platforms as VOD, OTT, etc.
  • Re-purpose for Social Media Networks and internet.
  • Content preparation for linear play-out.
  • Soft-Parting.
  • Distribution for end-user Linear and Non-Linear Platforms.
  • Multi-Site Operations, including Cloud and Hybrid Cloud deployments.


  • Efficient Content Management.
  • Reduced time to market: Use of a set of standard workflow building blocks to configure the content preparation.
  • Highly Scalable Media Oriented BPM engine.
  • Flexible Content delivery services based on IMF.
  • Full IMF support.
  • Visibility: Configurable Dashboards and reporting tools.
  • Bi-Directional Integration with business tools for content requests and notifications.


  • Ingest of individual files and/or packages.
  • Specific media activities for workflow execution: QC, Unknown Media Review, Versioning, Missing Tracks, etc.
  • EBUCore relationships to easily access and associate all ancillary content (Artwork, Trailers) to simplify content enrichment and delivery.
  • Workflows catalog.
  • Dynamic notifications.
  • Use of MPEG-DASH to enable variable bit rate remote operations and ad hoc cloud deployment.
  • Large portfolio of third party systems integration for content prep workflows: Automated Quality Control, Loudness, Editing Systems, Transcoders, Transfer Accelerators, and many more…
  • Media Set: All metadata describing the Original Master plus set of related assets, presented to seamlessly handle all content elements, Video, Audio, subtitles, images, etc.
  • Media files: References to all physical files in a logical structure.
  • Relationships: easily relate content such as artworks, previews, versions.
  • Preconfigured Building blocks speed deployment of BPM workflows.
  • Usage of SMPTE IMF structures to define profiles.
  • Full IMF support from Ingest to Delivery.
  • Multiple version management.
  • No limit to the number of audio channels/files managed.
  • Full integration with third party components.
  • Flexible, configurable delivery integrated with online platforms, social media and playout.


All Tedial Solutions can be provided as SAAS model