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Solutions Live events and production

Live events and production

SMARTLIVE. Our Sports and Live Events Solution: Manage, catalog, produce and deliver live events content while it's happening

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Live events and production

SMARTLIVE is a flexible solution to manage Live event content: Produce, live Catalog, Archive, Transform and Deliver Sport content to maximize content visibility and monetization in the moment it is happening.




  • Automatically create a production environment your sport production team will love
  • Ingest, enrich, tell the story and engage your fans, simply and automatically
  • Deliver personalized stories your fans will love
  • AI, the clever way: an automated ai metadata enrichment process that simply works
  • Automatic logging, automatic clipping, automatic distribution
  • New editor for a better storytelling


  • SMARTLIVE allows the same production team to create much more content then ever before
  • Automatically generates personalized highlights, game highlights, season highlights, whatever is needed for better fan engagement
  • Simple storytelling at a fraction of the cost
  • Improve production team collaboration & efficiency to focus more on creativity
  • More automatically generated through Artificial Intelligence metadata means better and quicker access to content
  • Shift your revenue model to more digital sources
  • Better control of infrastructure costs: grow as you go, pay for what is effectively used
  • Simplifies the “set up” of events for logging by pulling in data automatically from event sources and databases (for example, the MLB Stats data on 2018 games)


  • Optimized metadata engine
  • Automatic highlights
  • Digital delivery
  • Metadata enrichment through AI
  • New rough cut editor and more nle integrations for a better storytelling
  • Agnostic architecture


All Tedial Solutions can be provided as SAAS model

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