Predictions and plans as sports move past the pandemic

guide to sports production

How will broadcasters handle the post-pandemic era, one without live audiences? What tools will be available to enhance storytelling? How important is automation in the age of social distancing? Will AI help to win over fans? Where does the cloud fit into all this? Click here to check out TV Technology’s Guide to Sports TV […]

Looking for a sophisticated, future-proof Video Player?

Tedial video Player for media orchestration

Are you looking for a sophisticated, future-proof Video Player to secure your investment? Then look no further, you’ve found your answer with Tedial Player! Can your Video Player for Media Orchestration do all this?… Format agnostic: supports standard SD, HD and UHD as well as V360, AR and VR formats Natively designed to support remote […]

Want to Transition to a Hybrid Cloud Environment? Watch This Video Now!

Hybrid Cloud video tedial

Think you know about hybrid cloud but not sure if you need a demo? If you answer yes to any of the following then contact us today! Do you want to… Meet your business goals and stay in control of your solution? Combine the privacy and security of a private cloud with the scalability of […]

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