How do Broadcasters Adapt to the Changing World of Sports Media Consumption?
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A recent survey of sports media consumers, highlighted in a report by Deltatre*, provides insight into the rapidly evolving streaming sports marketplace. The report found that consumer expectations are rising and setting a new bar for competitive excellence.

In the report, Deltatre CEO Giampiero Rinaudo said, “The sports Over-The-Top Key Performance Indicators have changed, … It’s no longer just about streaming the match. Encouraging viewers to come back day after day is the gold standard, even when there’s not a live match taking place. That means maximizing engagement on the shoulders of the game itself. Tailoring video and editorial content to different types of fans and reconfiguring the UI and UX based on time of day, user insights, or the latest developments in the sports world that week is how brands can create a better ecosystem around a sport.”

The report showed that mobile is one of the main devices used to watch sport with 39 percent of users watching four or more hours on-the-go.  A third of the sports fans surveyed believe 5G will have the most significant impact on how they view content and 72 per cent view personalization as ‘important’. 71 per cent of fans crave ‘deeper immersion when watching live games.  

Customized OTT feeds are fundamental to survive in the competitive sports media market, as well as to maximize revenue opportunities. At Tedial we recognized these changing market demands and our Tedial SMARTLIVE live sports production software solution, was designed to support this diversified OTT media goal. The system not only supports customized feeds, its ground-breaking AI-enabled engine can automate clip creation and highlight creation and social media campaign posts, greatly enhancing the speed and variability of the product to extend revenue prospects. Automation is key to enhancing the competitiveness of media production and distribution, allowing staff to focus on their traditional linear broadcasts while enabling support for new channels, streams, and social media. SMARTLIVE provides a software solution which can be deployed either on prem on a virtual machine or in cloud, allowing sports media producers to gain up to the minute product design enhancements as soon as they are available, leading the way in competitive adaptation and allowing the modern sports producer to enhance their services on a regular and on-going basis.

The key to survival is grabbing consumer attention and holding it, increasing their engagement while managing costs. This makes SMARTLIVE a solution that should be in every sports producer system.

* Source:   Deltatre Report –   Where the Money is Going: The Future of Sports Entertainment – Edition 2019:



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