Navigating the Complexities and Unpredictabilities of Media Operations


By Emilio L. Zapata, Founder The landscape of the media industry has undergone a remarkable transformation, fueled by the rapid evolution of software technology and the proliferation of omnichannel streaming platforms. The swift advancements in digital cloud technology are placing considerable strain on applications and solutions vendors within the Media and Entertainment (M&E) market.       The […]

Empowering Media Influence: Tedial’s Strategic Partnership with 42c

Tedial, a leader in technological solutions for the media sector, has enthusiastically announced a strategic partnership with 42c, an innovative company in digital services for media. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Tedial’s expansion efforts and reinforces its position as a leading provider in media engineering. The alliance with 42c allows Tedial to expand […]

Tedial’s NAB 2024 Preview: Leveraging Collaboration and Enhancing User Experience with smartWork

smartWork is the first cloud native no-code integration platform (iPaaS) in the M&E market. Our objectives are to streamline the automation of software defined workflows, facilitate collaboration between users and partners, maximizing the user experience through individual customization of the UIs. We’re thrilled to unveil our latest collaboration and no-code features at NAB24, the pioneering […]