A Milestone for Media Innovation at NAB Show 2024
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By Rodrigo Arias

After years of dedicated effort, we eagerly stepped onto the NAB Show stage in Las Vegas, ready to showcase the culmination of our hard work over the past years. Our excitement was palpable as this year’s event promised to be a milestone. At the heart of our presentation were the latest features of smartWork, our cloud-native, no-code media integration platform. And not to be overlooked, the revamped version of our award-winning Media Asset Management software, now known as EVO and fully integrated into smartWork, took center stage.

The buzz around our booth was electric. Familiar faces — our loyal customers and partners — joined us, eager to explore our newest updates. Additionally, the influx of new visitors from every corner of the globe was truly energizing. Many confessed they had heard whispers about our solutions and arrived with curiosity to learn more.

From broadcasters to film studios, sports organizations to system integrators, consulting firms to IT service providers, our exchanges covered a broad spectrum. Here, we share the takeaways from those conversations — the insights, the challenges, and the shared excitement for what lies ahead.

  • Self-Sufficiency: Visitors stressed the need for solutions that reduce reliance on costly engineering support to drive efficiency and achieve faster time-to-market. At our booth, they were thrilled to witness user-friendly tools within our platform, empowering teams to troubleshoot independently via our No-Code design.
  • Agile Media Supply Chain: EVO, our revamped Media Asset Management system integrated into smartWork, left attendees truly impressed. Amidst its elegant user interface and refined features, collaboration stole the spotlight. Visitors witnessed how EVO streamlines workflows and enhances communication, making the media supply chain more agile.
  • Smart use of AI: Artificial intelligence buzzed throughout NAB’24. But in this fast-paced landscape, adaptability is key. Attendees discovered smartWork’s existing AI integrations and its seamless ability to incorporate new advancements. All thanks to a common interface and data model so all applications and systems talk to the platform, avoiding complex point-to-point integrations.
  • Cloud Cost Transparency: Regardless of cloud provider or hybrid approaches, visitors unanimously emphasized the importance of cost transparency. They were pleased to see how our Business Intelligence and Budget services within smartWork provided detailed performance breakdowns and full cost visibility, whether on AWS, Google Cloud, or any other platform.
  • Business Model Dilemma: Preferences varied. Some leaned toward traditional CAPEX, while others preferred subscription flexibility. They were pleased to learn we can accommodate to their financial strategy thanks to the modularity and scalability of our platform.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on NAB’24, our commitment remains determined. We look forward to continuing serving our customers, nurturing existing partnerships, forging new strategic alliances and delivering great solutions to new customers.

Rodrigo Arias

Rodrigo Arias
New Business and Partnerships Director

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