Packaged Business Capabilities for M&E digital transformation

PBCS & Composable Enterprise

By: Emilio L. Zapata, Founder. “PBCs are reusable software components that constitute the fundamental building blocks of a composable enterprise.” M&E organizations are grappling with the constraints of legacy technology and the pressing need to accelerate their digital transformation efforts. The imperative to modernize and enhance legacy systems is a central driving force in the […]

Tedial to Introduce smartPacks at NAB 2023 as Part of smartWork Platform, the M&E Industry’s First Package Business Capabilities (PBCs) Solution

Tedial’s award-winning, nocode media integration platform brings broadcasters closer to composable technology and the cloud Tedial, the leading independent media technology solutions specialist, has announced that its award-winning smartWork cloud-native, NoCode Media Integration Platform will be at NAB 2023 with smartPacks, a suite of Package Business Capabilities (PBCs). The enhancement is the M&E’s industry’s first […]

Tedial Network Media Service Supply Chain Article in IABM Q2 Journal

Network Media Service Supply Chain  By Emilio L. Zapata, founder Tedial: “With the emergence of cloud applications and services, changes in business and technology in the M&E market are accelerating. The multitude of streaming formats and platforms has pushed the technology used up to now, to implement the media supply chain to the limit, revealing […]