Tedial Network Media Service Supply Chain Article in IABM Q2 Journal


Tedial’s Founder Emilio L. Zapata recently wrote an article for IABM’s Quarterly Journal.

The three-page feature titled – Network Media Service Supply Chainexplains how the digital supply chain in the M&E market has evolved, connecting content producers, media companies and delivery platforms in an intelligent way, moving and processing content between them in an efficient and agile manner in a distributed (multisite) environment.

The full article is published 2nd Quarter 2022 IABM Journal on page 65 and IABM website.



The efficiency and scalability of a network media service supply chain requires an efficient hybrid cloud media services platform, which includes the following components:

– Media integration platform

– Media metadata management

– Media storage management

– PBC based composable media services

– No-code media workflow designer

– Business intelligence & cost reporting

The next step in this new media supply chain is advanced out-of-the-box services. Technology companies are rethinking their integration strategy to create new products, deliver personalized interactions, and improve the application experience.

With this approach, reusable modules and services become the foundation of an agile and flexible technology infrastructure. The interoperability, compatibility and resilience necessary to coordinate the set of participating actors, applications and systems resides in a cloud media integration platform (no-code iPaaS for media), which also provides the flexibility and elasticity necessary to adapt and /or change the business processes of the network media service supply chain.

Tedial: Package Business Capabilities

Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs) are the building blocks of a composable enterprise and represent a well-defined, functionally recognisable and reusable business capability in the design of media services. With applications, systems and PBCs we can create composable media services, designing workflows and processes that adapt to changing customer needs.

Tedial has its own Media Integration Platform, if you would like more information, check out Smartwork by clicking here.



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