Hybrid Cloud: How to get the most of On-Premises and the Cloud World for the “new normal”
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Our CTO, Julián Fernández-Campón recently presented a virtual session at the HPA Tech Retreat 2021 titled “Hybrid Cloud:  How to get the most out of On-Premises and the Cloud World for the ‘new normal’ ”.

In recent years, the cloud has had a major impact on broadcast workflows with media companies moving their infrastructure to the cloud or private data centres, in a bid to simplify workflows and reduce costs.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has played a significant role in this transition.  The shift from working in an office to being home-based was challenging for many businesses across all industries, including M&E. Suddenly broadcasters and production companies found themselves faced with the challenge of accomplishing production, media management and distribution all while working offsite and turned to Hybrid Cloud for a solution.

In his presentation, Julián explains how a Hybrid cloud solution allows broadcasters and content owners to seamlessly migrate to the cloud at their own pace and with less risk. He also describes how the solution can be leveraged both now and in the future.

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