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Don’t miss Tedial’s Presentation during IABM’s  Cloud & Virtualization Week

Live from 1 September


The IABM Future Trends Channel is the ideal platform to discover the newest and most innovative products and solutions in the industry. This free to access platform includes live events and on-demand content enabling you to make connections at the click of a button.

The Future Trends Cloud & Virtualization Week will be live from 1st September 

Tedial is proud to be among the companies showcasing their innovation and forward-thinking ideas.

Jerome Wauthoz, Tedial VP Products, will present “How to Maximise Business Objectives Using Hybrid Cloud Architecture”. Jerome will explain how the emergence of OTT platforms combined with decreasing advertising revenues and the need for remote production have pushed media companies to incorporate solutions that meet business objectives and control costs. He will also describe how to quickly adapt to agile, self-sufficient workflows by deploying a hybrid cloud architecture that secures sensitive data and valuable content  on-premises and allows safe transition into the cloud to meet business needs and guarantee continuity and profitability in today’s challenging times.

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