IBC365 and Tedial Discuss Media Supply Chain Management on 25th August Webinar
IBC365 and Tedial Discuss Media Supply Chain Management


Supply chain management is an important topic for global broadcasters as they continue to find new methods to establish and maintain efficient ways to manage, manipulate, package and deliver content. On Wednesday 25th August at 3.00pm, our CTO Julian Fernandez-Campon will take part in an IBC365 webinar where the panel will discuss the twin challenges of managing costs while delivering an increasing amount of content to an ever-expanding array of platforms and devices.

The webinar will examine the fundamentals of building a scalable easy-to-manage pipeline. It will consider:

  • Evaluating and understanding operational requirements
  • The key technologies
  • The role of the cloud and selecting partners
  • Artificial intelligence and automation
  • Maintaining control of all steps of a supply chain
  • APIs and integration
  • Understanding costs, pricing structures and ROI

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