NAB 2023 Wrap-Up


This year’s NAB Show was an event to be celebrated. Apart from seeing our friends, colleagues, partners and customers, it provided us with an invaluable opportunity to showcase our game-changing technology, developed to bring M&E companies closer to composable technology, migrate to the cloud, and build their businesses. The superior quality of leads we received was proof that the industry has an appetite for a fresh approach like ours.


Our award-winning smartWork cloud native NoCode Media Integration Platform was front and center in the booth, but this year we added smartPacks, the M&E industry’s first suite of Package Business Capabilities (PBCs) – and it was met with enormous enthusiasm. The smartPacks’ modular Composable Business concept of smartWork attracted visitors from several companies including the CTO of some reputable organizations.


As we continue to build our presence in the US, we were thrilled to receive visits from media service providers that have either heard of us or have seen our previous presentations and returned to see what was new at Tedial. It was fantastic to engage with several high-level organizations, as well as consultants that were at NAB to research new technologies for high-profile companies.


The show also provided the opportunity to present new features we’ve incorporated into smartWork, such as a scheduler for order management, the package reception and delivery configurator, new business intelligence dashboards, and of course, new Integrations. We were delighted with the level of interest in our AI tool integrations and will continue to improve and extend them based on customer feedback.


One of the features that sets us apart from our competitors is our Hybrid Cloud and it always generates curiosity. It was so satisfying to hear industry leaders acknowledge this feature and express interest. The Cloud Agnostic feature was also a key highlight that resonated with visitors.


Finally, I was pleased to see visitors’ reactions to our simple platform upgrades for software, integration systems, business processes, and smartPacks. It was a great feeling to have our commitment to continuous improvement confirmed by many, many impressed visitors and we used the opportunity to ask for feedback so we can continue to extend our platform, especially the new smartPacks portfolio.


NAB was a fantastic opportunity for Tedial to showcase all our solutions which include our innovative, core Media Asset Management. Our forward-thinking approach to the industry, combined with our advanced technology, made us a leading player in the space. It was a privilege to engage with visitors and receive their feedback, and I am excited to see where this success takes us in the future.

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