The Perfect Combination of Integrations
The Perfect Combination of Integrations for your MAM


What are the Best of Breed Integrations you can use?


When you have to decide what is the best combination of solutions to cover all your media asset workflow needs, you have to take into account a lot of aspects, which means selecting the most appropriate combination may not be an easy task.

For example, you could have to consider AI solutions to enrich or process your content, or you might need to distribute your processed media to different social media networks. The number of possibilities is almost infinite and you will need to have the capability of seamlessly adding new solutions to your MAM system in the future.

Based on our expertise in media management and proven experience of hundreds of third-party tool integrations, we have put together a list of possible integrations you could add to your MAM system  to answer to rapid evolving demand.

  • AI: Engines able to apply AI algorithms to extract features from media files, including speech to text, e.g. Curio, Google, Valossa, Speechmatics, Oxagile
  • Analysis: Engines that are able to analyze media files, e.g. Baton, Aurora/Vidcheker, Qscan
  • Automation: Playout automation systems, e.g. Aveco, Pebble Beach, Imagine
  • Content management: Engines to integrate content management systems (traffics), e.g.  Provys, Interplay, Whats’On, OnAir, Imagine Landmark
  • Distribution: Engines to transfer distribution copies of media files, e.g. IMF, FTP, Aspera, FileCatalyst, Signiant
  • Cloud graphs: e.g. Singular.Live
  • HSM: Engines for long-term archive of media files on tape, object storage, etc, e.g. aSTORM, DIVA, Blackpearl
  • Ingest & Playout: Engines to work with playout servers, e.g. sQ, Spectrum, K2, XT-VIA
  • Media processing: Engines able to transform media files, e.g. Vantage,  FFMPEG, AWS Elemental, Colorfront, Bitmovin
  • Metadata sources: e.g. OPTA, Gracenote, Stats
  • News: Engines to integrate newsroom systems, e.g. ENPS, iNEWS, Octopus
  • Notifications: Engines able to send notification messages and alerts, e.g. email, RabbitMQ, SNS, Slack, Microsoft Teams
  • Production: Engines to integrate production tools, e.g. Adobe Premiere, Avid MediaComposer, Edius, Final Cut Pro, EVS, Quantel
  • Scheduling & work management: e.g. Xytech, UpperEast
  • Social Media: Engines to send content to social media and web platforms, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
  • Storage: Engines able to access to different types of local and cloud storage, e.g. NAS, SAN, Object Store, S3, Azure Blob, LTO libraries

The diagram below shows a typical set of integrations that could be used in media workflows. Of course, we will recommend to you the pieces of the puzzle that best suit your needs.

the best integrations for a mam

Here at Tedial, we are very conscious about the importance of being able to use the perfect combination of integrations for each customer. For that reason, a highlighted feature of our Media Integration Platform has always been the number and quality of the integrations available for your MAM.

Want us to help you to determine the perfect combination of integrations for your MAM?



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