Tedial Continues SVG Europe Support with Renewal of Gold Sponsorship
tedial gold sponsor svg europe


Tedial is delighted to renew its Gold Sponsorship with SVG Europe. With 20 years’ industry experience, Tedial is a company that’s always several steps ahead of the technology curve. The past year is testament to how quickly the company can innovate and pivot to implement technology that answers the fast changing needs of the industry, including cloud, iPaaS, AI and more.

All Tedial solutions are cloud-compliant for remote operations, including our EVOLUTION MAM; HYPER IMF enhanced content delivery; and our SMARTLIVE automated live sports production tool, which SVG Europe readers will already be familiar with. SMARTLIVE’s new remote-ready features and functionalities target and win fans with better storytelling, assisting broadcasters with live programming.

Our award-winning Hybrid Cloud architecture combines the privacy and security of private cloud with the scalability of public cloud. Web-based user interfaces can be used anywhere, anytime giving customers access to Tedial’s platform remotely whether it’s an on-prem, hybrid or full cloud solution. 

Additionally, our aSTORM content management solution provides increased access to archived content by integrating multiple storage tiers and locations for easy access and utilization allowing channel output continuity in the absence of ‘live’ events.

Tedial CTO Julian Fernandez-Campon comments, “Our successful partnership with SVG Europe gives us a platform to reach more media providers in the sports market, which is changing and expanding all the time. We’re looking forward to working with the SVG Europe team in 2021 and into 2022 and look forward to unveiling more technology announcements in the coming months. Watch this space.”


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