Don’t miss Tedial’s IBC 2019 IABM Future Zone Presentation with BT Sport and Timeline Television
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At IBC 2019 on Monday 16th September at 12pm, Tedial’s VP Products Jerome Wauthoz  is taking part in a joint presentation with BT Sport’s Chief Engineer, Andy Beale and Timeline Television’s Head of Studios and Post-Production – BT Sport, Simon Littler. Titled BT Sport: How to create a sophisticated sports media production environment, the presentation will be held at the IABM Future Trends Theatre, in the Future Zone in Hall 8.

The trio will explain the challenges encountered and overcome while designing and creating a future proof, format agnostic system for BT Sport’s production installation located at its Stratford and BT Tower facilities in London. The session explains how the production environment, managed by Timeline Television, integrated a format agnostic Tedial MAM (media asset management) system to handle and orchestrate all media processing and archiving workflows, and will describe how new technologies including AI, Social Media, Cloud and Micro-Services are leveraged with existing technologies for optimal results.




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