Tedial and EVS IPDirector Integration: Maximise your live production


Want to maximise your live production and content management workflows? Read this…

Tedial and EVS have integrated solutions for more than ten years providing media companies with sophisticated live production workflows. In 2017, the two companies announced the integration of Tedial’s Evolution MAM solution with EVS’ IPDirector live production asset management suite for ITV Sport and Kuwait TV.

As we look ahead to 2021, this strong technical partnership continues to open the doors to broadcasters who can use Tedial’s Evolution MAM as a global archive of the production environment. This integration complements IPDirector’s live production functionalities with Evolution’s main features, including:

  • A web-based interface to manage the live and non-live content from anywhere, anytime.
  • A Player seamlessly managing all types of content: HD, UHD, 360 VR, HDR, etc.
  • Advanced MAM functionalities – EBU Core data model, multi-tenancy, distributed multisite storage management, Disaster Recovery, IMF, etc.
  • A powerful BPM engine for workflow orchestration from Ingest to Playout and Archive, and last but not least…
  • Version Factory for content delivery (linear, non-linear, VoD, OTT, IMF, DPP or Social Media)

With this sophisticated functionality in mind, there are a number of use cases that fully utilize this tried and tested integration. These include:

  1. Producing automatic highlights during and after the live event
  2. Archiving content during ingest
  3. Archiving content from PAM to MAM
  4. Restoring workflows from MAM to PAM
  5. Asset and metadata synchronization, no duplication of content nor metadata between the two systems.
  6. Automatic metadata enrichment through AI (speech-to-text, face recognition, sentiment analysis and more)
  7. Event logging integration
  8. Live clipping and quick editing in Evolution
  9. Manual IPDirector – import Evolution log sheets
  10. IPDirector archive migration to Tedial Evolution MAM

Using EVS’ IPDirector API or XML this seamless integration allows broadcasters to ingest live feeds or files with metadata from any EVS environment. A common metadata model between the two solutions means that keywords, metadata profiles and logging information are all presented identically in Evolution and IPDirector.  Transitioning from one system to the other is extremely simple for the operator, allowing an easy metadata migration process.

The combined EVS and Tedial solution is the perfect fit for live production, content and archive management. No investment is required in addition to the existing production environment: Tedial Evolution is simply plug-and-play.

Tedial and EVS for Live production
Tedial and EVS for Live production

If you would like detailed information explaining how this integration can improve your live production workflows get in touch for a demo.




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