Don’t Miss Tedial’s Latest Article in the IABM Q3 Journal
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The new Q3 IABM Journal is available now to read online and the publication has an article titled – Democratization of Business Improvement – written by Tedial Founder Emilio L. Zapata, on page 40.

In the article, Emilio explains how, by differentiating simple and complex workflows, the M&E industry can reduce the pressure on IT departments and empower users by selecting processes that could be designed so that the operator does not require programming knowledge.

How does this work in a world where more and more software applications and more tools are needed?

The answer is a Media Integration Platform.

This can allow users to design at least 70 percent of software-defined workflows without knowing how to program.

It represents a new generation of applications that drastically shortens the time it takes to develop software projects and allows sophisticated business processes to be visually composed by dragging and dropping components (applications and user tasks) into the design area (canvas) and then configuring their functionality, speeding up process development.

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