Tedial Revolutionizes Storage Management at NAB 2017


Tedial, the leading independent MAM technology solutions specialist will debut Evolution Augmented Storage, a new concept in storage virtualization systems to be demonstrated in Booth N 1420 at NAB. Expanding its platform, Tedial introduces Multiverse, a tight integration between Pebble Broadcast Systems’ Marina Automation and Tedial’s Evolution MAM.

Tedial is debuting Evolution Augmented Storage (AST), a new concept in Storage Virtualization Systems that expands and extends the classical paradigm of Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM). AST provides a heterogeneous ecosystem to handle any type of multimedia content regardless of its physical location and facilitate media operations, such as editing based on timecode or efficient management of large UHD or low/lossless compression files across multiple sites and around the globe.

Treating content as an object that includes an innovative minimum metadata packet allows storage to operate independent of MAM solutions, able to archive and publish content and easily integrate with third party systems maximizing simplicity and efficiency.

AST virtualizes file locations enabling multi-site operations, cloud workflows or hybrid scenarios. For those customers managing a multi-site, distributed operation, AST can transparently manage the same content in multiple locations, automating task assignment and data transfer across multiple sites as needed.

The platform is built around vastly resilient and scalable architecture and provides the highest security and content protection by requiring authentication. Different groups are assigned different access levels, and retention policies can be easily defined to protect the content and limit the access.


Making its first official debut at an American Conference, Multiverse is a tight integration between Pebble Broadcast Systems’ Marina Automation and Tedial’s Evolution MAM that delivers the industry’s most flexible cross-platform media preparation and delivery solution. The platform creates a seamless workflow between the MAM, playout systems and VOD services, efficiently solving distribution challenges for linear and non-linear channels.

Because it processes media once for all platforms, Multiverse unifies and speeds on-demand and linear content workflows and allows easy management of media assets and automation of tasks such as live production turnaround to VOD while significantly reducing operational costs by minimizing the number of systems required.

For media asset versioning and replacement workflows, different versions of media assets for playout can be created and automatically added to Evolution MAM, which in turn triggers Marina Automation to delete old media from its playlist and transfer new assets to playout, all without human intervention.

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