Tedial smartWork NoCode Media Integration Platform wins IABM BaM Award in Manage category


Tedial, the leading independent media technology solutions specialist, is delighted to announce that its smartWork NoCode Media Integration Platform has won a coveted IABM BaM Award in the Manage Category.


The IABM BaM Awards® recognise outstanding technological innovations that deliver real business and creative benefits. The BaMs are the only truly independent technology awards in the industry, and are widely recognized as the gold standard for rewarding Broadcast and Media innovation.


The  IABM said, “This company has a very good approach to making flexible MAM software – bridging different software platforms. The trick here is to deliver the tools – with quality – and make it REALLY work (not only on paper); user-friendly Infrastructure as Code – testable and secure. A really interesting concept, democratizing the workflow configuration for a supply chain, and addressing ‘non value add’ activities like common vendor integrations that otherwise have to be built bespoke each time.”


Tedial Founder Emilio L. Zapata added, “We’re honoured to have received the IABM BaM Award, this is a wonderful way to end a truly successful 2022.  This is a recognition of the daily work and involvement of our talented and committed team. smartWork is the result of Tedial’s commitment to R&D. We created smartWork by drawing on our long-standing IT innovation heritage and listening to external feedback. Following the platform’s launch at NAB in April we have received praise from the industry and from our customers. We’re looking forward to 2023 when we will be announcing our first deployments of smartWork. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year.”

The development of this platform is a magnificent example of University-Private Company collaboration, in partnership with Málaga University, as a driver of innovation and digital transformation, given that it has been financed by several projects.

Aligned with Movielabs’ 2030 Vision for Media Creation, Tedial’s smartWork NoCode Media Integration Platform removes time-consuming and complex configurations via a common UI that guarantees an optimal experience and easy access to applications, external systems (including legacy MAMs, PAMs and DAMs ensuring business continuity), and features self-validation.


smartWork distills complex workflows into simplified processes. Its NoCode architecture revolutionizes productivity for non-technical users, and because it follows Infrastructure as Code (IaC) it can be deployed on-premises, on any cloud or in a hybrid architecture for incredible flexibility. smartWork speeds up the digital transformation with benefits that include unprecedented flexibility, seamless and effortless integrations, reduced costs, enhanced team collaboration, improved profitability, accelerated growth and dramatically shorter delivery times.

The award was presented to Tedial’s Business Development Manager, Manuel Martinez at the BaM Live London 2022 event, on Thursday 1st December.


Both local news (Málaga Tech Park, Málaga Hoy), as well as general magazines (Europa Press, La Vanguardia), and specialized broadcast magazines (Inbroadcast, Panorama Audiovisual, 4RFV), wanted to report on the news.










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