Tedial Tackles Editing of IMF Packages with Introduction of New Cost-Effective IMF Markup Tool
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Malaga, Spain –  March 13, 2018 — Tedial, the leading independent MAM technology solutions specialist, continues its IMF MAM leadership by expanding its HYPER IMF end-to-end MAM platform to include the new IMF Markup Tool, a simple-to-use editor that addresses the versioning requirements typically needed for distribution. Designed for fast validation and repair of IMF packages, this intuitive tool functions independently of expensive third-party systems, making it an extremely cost-effective solution and easy-to operate for users.

Explains Jérôme Wauthoz, Tedial VP Products, “This IMF tool dovetails nicely into the Just-in-Time manufacturing nature of IMF being embraced by both vendors and users within the digital supply chain.  It’s really efficient since it’s native to the system and won’t require a ‘round-up’ to a 3rd party system.”

The IMF Markup Tool is seamlessly integrated within Tedial’s GUI and workflows and supports the award-winning Evolution Version Factory. It provides a near-line editor-like interface with industry-standard controls, and incorporates a feature-set that can rapidly spot-check and quality control Interoperable Master Packages (IMPs); make dynamic editorial adjustments to picture, audio, or subtitles natively within the Evolution ecosystem; quickly and accurately update IMPs late in the digital supply chain; provide a web-based, proxy media-centric workflow without the need for specialized editorial systems; and rapidly modify IMPs for unique delivery of the “on the fly” requirements of OTT providers. This intuitive interface provides an editor, the addition of language audio/subtitle tracks and markers for automatic insertion of localized elements, and the ability to Identify and mark components requiring further downstream localization processing (i.e. blurs, repos, etc.).

The IMF Markup Tool is perfect for audio/subtitles track alignment, the creation of new versions by editing on low resolution proxies, and most importantly, it can mark IMF packages to prepare them for automated sequence assembly, including insertion/localization of open credits, end credits, pre-, mid-, and post-rolls, insertion of black slugs and color bars, etc. IMF markers are stored on the proxy where they can be managed by Evolution Version Factory for automated assembly distribution. In other words, the IMF marker points can be stored as “patterns” to be reused repeatedly to stitch thousands of different versions through the Version Factory workflow.

At NAB 2018 Tedial will highlight HYPER IMF, the industry’s leading end-to-end IMF MAM. HYPER IMF leverages IMF methodologies to save users up to 25% – or more – in storage, delivery and versioning costs. A true IMF solution, HYPER IMF supports IMP and supplemental file ingests and the creation of unique CPLs for archive, versioning and delivery.

Tedial’s 2018 IMF innovations include new user interfaces to allow more user control when adjusting package delivery to services like HULU, iTunes and Netflix, or international destinations where versioned media and international language track management requires series and episodic adjustments to automate the flow and provide faster, more efficient distribution.



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