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Tedial’s technological leadership in the media market is based on a permanent investment and participation in advanced research projects. iVM is the latest Tedial project, funded by Eurostars-2.

iVM aims to solve issues surrounding logical obsolescence in long-term digital preservation systems, using developing technologies over a two-year cycle.

The project will present a preservation virtual machine designed to find a simple and efficient solution to the issue: how do you ensure file formats stored today are interpreted and rendered correctly in the future? 

The successful completion of these project will provide a viable alternative to the most common long-term archival solution currently used today – data migration. This process, while accepted as risky and less than optimal is the most widely used strategy for maintaining access to archived information.

The preservation virtual machine will remove the need for migrations as it will ensure data is accessible and recoverable regardless of age and format. Institutions can archive with confidence that the data will be there and save significant time, cost and risk by avoiding data migrations.

The goal for the first version of the virtual machine is not to be a silver bullet “solve all migration issues”, instead the project targets most commonly used non-interactive image, document, audio and movie file formats used today (as recommended by the leading archival institutions like the US Library of Congress).

The iVM project is a result of a collaboration of companies and institutions, including:

  • Piql
  • Tedial
  • The Norwegian Computing Centre
  • The Norwegian National Museum 
  • University of Malaga

Hosted by Piql, a website is dedicated to this European project, which aims to solve issues surrounding logical obsolescence in long-term digital preservation systems. The website will provide visitors with useful information including goals, development phases and the timeline of this project.

For more information, please visit:

iVM project

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