Why do media companies need hybrid cloud architecture?
Why Hybrid Cloud architecture for media companies


Welcome to Tedial’s hybrid cloud blog. This is part-one of a three-part series so keep your eyes peeled to our social media channels for the next instalments.

The cloud has had a major impact on broadcast workflows with media companies moving their infrastructure to the cloud or private data centres, in a bid to simplify workflows and reduce costs. Many broadcasters are now looking to a hybrid cloud approach, which leverages a mixed computing storage and services environment that combines on-premises infrastructure (and/or private cloud services) and a public cloud – such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure – with orchestration among these various platforms.

The main question here is: What are the benefits for media companies when choosing hybrid cloud architecture? The key point is that the hybrid cloud offers broadcasters the ability to meet business objectives quickly while maintaining full control of media archives and costs and ensures a low-risk transition into the cloud by moving the operation in-line with business needs. Sensitive data and valuable content can be secured on-premises under company control in a safe IT environment with multiple security layers.

Hybrid cloud architecture also reduces the total cost of ownership. CAPEX is lower as the upfront investment is calculated based on the nominal usage and not for peaks, which allows the broadcaster to keep the investment at the desired level. In 2020, on-premise costs of deep archive management (tape library) will continue to be lower than the public cloud as the download costs from the public cloud are still a key factor when production teams require constant download (full or partial) from the archive. This is especially true when UHD content is considered.

In part two of this blog coming soon, we’ll look in more depth at the benefits of using hybrid cloud architecture.

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