aSTORM, the NOCODE iPaaS for MEDIA enabler [Product Demo Video]


In this Tedial video on the IBC365 portal, you’ll discover the features and benefits of Tedial’s cloud native, cloud agnostic, cost-effective augmented STORage Manager system, aSTORM. The enabler of NOCODE iPaaS for media, aSTORM uses a microservices based architecture. It abstracts the applications of the physical location of the media, and the access method.

A future-proof, highly scalable, and easily deployable solution aSTORM transparently manages different storage tiers across departments and locations, which can be deployed in multiple sites, anywhere, on prems or in the cloud allowing quick adaptations when technology changes or when related storage costs are reduced, without vendor lock-in.

Most importantly, it allows media companies to optimize their investment in storage. 

Want to find out more? Watch the video on IBC 365 here and contact us for further information.



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