Interoperable Digital Media Ecosystems [TVB Europe Supplement]
TVB Europe Tedial Supplement


In the new November/December issue of TVB Europe, Tedial has an eight-page Supplement that looks at how digital ecosystems – the collection of technology solutions that a given company uses to run its business – connect with each other.

The term ‘ecosystem’ describes not only what tools we are using, but also how they interact. Tedial Founder, Emilio L. Zapata explains how media companies can build efficient digital media ecosystems using a Media Integration Platform (NoCode iPaaS for media), which provides an interoperability and compatibility framework to which different applications and systems are connected (integrated) – on premise or in the cloud (hybrid cloud).

Our CTO Julian Fernandez-Campon explains why legacy MAM systems, which have complex point-to-point integration, are being replaced with NoCode iPaaS for Media. This sophisticated technology enables workflow owners to design and manage process optimization in media tasks where humans are critical to the process.

It includes three main pillars that make up the key elements:

  1. A Common Workspace, which allows all the applications to be accessible to the media and not the media delivered to the applications, this is crucial.
  2. A Common Interface, so all the applications present the same methods – one- to-many integration.
  3. A Normalized Data Model, so all the applications speak the same language.

Finally, read also our MEDIAPRO case study, which explains how the MEDIAPRO Group of companies is using Tedial’s system as Corporate MAM for internal use worldwide.

Click here to read the Supplement.



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