Delivering Broadcast IMF with Multi-Partner Workflows on AWS (Amazon Web Services)
IMF Interoperable Master Format


Tedial celebrates a remarkable year of collaboration with AWS!

Explore the future of broadcasting with our latest article on delivering Broadcast IMF with Multi-Partner Workflows on AWS.

Learn how Tedial, an AWS Partner, streamlines media workflows using the Interoperable Master Format (IMF). This article marks a significant milestone in our thriving relationship with AWS, showcasing the benefits of IMF in simplifying content delivery, reducing storage costs, and enabling efficient playout.

Dive into a detailed breakdown of the IMF for Broadcast initiative, highlighting a cloud-based, multi-vendor solution for seamless content ingest, quality control, transcoding, and playout.

Read the full article by Jonathan Solomon and Julian Fernandez-Campon for valuable insights into the evolving landscape of media and entertainment broadcast workflows.

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