Tedial’s Successful 2023: Certifications, Innovations, and Leadership in M&E Technology


2023 has been an excellent year for Tedial and the roadmap is being fulfilled. We started the year obtaining the AWS Foundational Technical Review and Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program certifications.

In addition, at NAB we introduced smartPacks, which have been very well received: Tedial at NAB 2023

smartPacks are a suite of Package Business Capabilities capable of streamlining the processes associated with the different business services. PBCs are reusable software components that provide the key building blocks of a composable enterprise.

This year we have implemented multiple projects with smartWork, Tedial’s Media Integration Platform. They are the early adopters of the application of iPaaS technology to the M&E market. As an example we will cite the Nordic project of daily content exchange of the TVs of the five Nordic countries, including contributions from their content providers, native cloud on AWS.

The current M&E market trend is a focus on profitability and efficiency across the media industry. Growth was the key focus over the past few years; subscriber growth, audience growth, increased content production. Much of that growth came at a cost that is simply not sustainable.

The consequence is that there is increasing pressure on teams to reduce costs or simply to do more, but with fewer resources. There is a lot of pressure on organizations to reconsider their technologies, their human resources and organize differently.

In this scenario, big consultancies have returned to the M&E market because media companies need in-depth analysis and advances in digital transformation. After multiple merging processes, now is the time for profitability.

The digital transformation in the M&E market needs an iPaaS that facilitates the integration of applications and people, agile and open. This year we started working with several large consulting firms on projects. They all say that our smartWork/smartPacks are unique on the market. So we’re pretty motivated and expectations are excellent.

We are finalizing the roadmap for a new generation of multi cloud native products for the M&E market, we are very excited, and we invite you to see their progress at NAB’24.

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