Don´t miss Tedial’s IBC365 “Cloud-Based Supply Chains Webinar”


On October 19th, at 3pm CET our CTO Julian Fernandez-Campon will take part in a “Cloud-Based Supply Chains” webinar in conjunction with IBC365.

Whilst the extent to which individual organisations have migrated towards cloud-based supply chains continues to vary greatly, there is no doubt that the industry as a whole is moving firmly in that direction. As well as opening the door to greatly increased flexibility, the cloud is also conducive to supporting delivery to today’s evermore diversified media landscape.

In this webinar we will look at the ways in which the cloud is ushering in a new era of flexible supply chains, with discussion of issues including:

  • The benefits of cloud-based supply chains, such as increased flexibility and scalability
  • The role of microservices in cloud-based supply chains, and how content producers can make the most of them
  • The cloud solutions that are proving most popular in M&E at present, with a focus on new platforms and capabilities
  • The factors that media organisations must prioritise when selecting a cloud platform/service that meets their requirements
  • Ensuring the continued protection and integrity of cloud supply chains as the security environment becomes challenging


Please click the link to sign up for this webinar.

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