Get smart… come and see Tedial smartPacks in action at IBC 2023!


We’re excited to be heading back to IBC in Amsterdam for the launch of our new ecosystem of smartPacks. Providing ready-to-go M&E solutions tailored for distinct media business sectors including archives, linear/OTT delivery, sports, news, migration and more, smartPacks are easy-to-use toolsets that quickly deploy Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs), bringing new business services, and streamlining digital transformation for composable business. Our smartPacks ecosystem is a key element of smartWork, our award-winning, cloud-native, NoCode Media Integration Platform.

Why do I need smartPacks?

With just one click, smartPacks deploy all the necessary resources, workflows, and monitoring tools for specific business unit use cases, enabling the rapid creation of a new business unit on smartWork. This means businesses can swiftly pivot to new needs or market trends, focusing on the end results without getting bogged down in technical specifics. Using smartWork customers can set up a business unit in a matter of hours.

How do smartPacks work?
There are a number of smartPacks covering the main business areas and you can see them all in action on our stand 10.D45. We’ve pre-designed, compiled, and grouped workflows, resources, and dashboards. This means that when a smartPack is installed via drag-and-drop, all these components are deployed. They offer flexibility, agility, and a focus on business outcomes without the need for complex technical processes – a true embodiment of the Citizen Developer concept.

Can you pick and choose smartPacks?

Yes! Simply, select the smartPacks you need or acquire additional ones as your business evolves or changes direction. Reduce costs by only paying for the specific modules that fit your precise capabilities, instead of spending larger sums for features you might never use.


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