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Tedial IBC Wrap-Up

As the sun sets on IBC 2023, we reflect on what was another great show. It seems incredible that only two years ago trade shows were still unable to take place due to the COVID-19 virus, and now we’re back to the hustle and bustle of tradeshows past. Admittedly, the numbers are not as high as they once were, and perhaps they never will be again, as companies quite rightly consider their carbon footprints and costs, sending less of their teams to shows and events around the world.

This year, IBC attracted 1,250 exhibitors and 43,065 attendees from 170 countries. Following the show, the organisation revealed that there was a 16 percent increase in total attendees. For much of the time our Stand 10.D45 was busy with existing and potential customers, requesting demos of our – new for IBC 2023 – ecosystem of smartPacks and of course our award-winning Cloud-Native, Media Integration Platform smartWork.

smartPacks, a key element of smartWork, provide ready-to-go M&E solutions tailored for distinct media business sectors including archives, linear/OTT delivery, sports, news, migration and more. They’re easy-to-use toolsets that quickly deploy Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs), bringing new business services, and streamlining digital transformation for composable business. Click the link to watch our latest smartPacks video.

During the many demonstrations that we did throughout IBC 2023, we showed how with just one click, smartPacks deploy all the necessary resources, workflows, and monitoring tools for specific business unit use cases, enabling the rapid creation of a new business unit on smartWork. This means businesses can swiftly pivot to new needs or market trends, focusing on the end results without getting bogged down in technical specifics. Using smartWork customers can set up a business unit in a matter of hours. Also, to simplify the process further we’ve pre-designed, compiled, and grouped workflows, resources, and dashboards. This means that when a smartPack is installed via drag-and-drop, all these components are deployed. They offer flexibility, agility, and a focus on business outcomes without the need for complex technical processes – a true embodiment of the Citizen Developer concept.

It seems that some of our visitors and customers were pleased with the product demonstrations as we received very positive feedback:

“smartWork is really the solution we need to ensure business continuity while keeping the current system in operation to integrate it and add new workflows.”

“The operational team were impressed when they saw how simple it is to configure a workflow and swap one system for another. And it works!”

“smartPacks are a clever and simple way to deploy and configure an operational business unit in a few clicks.”

During the show, our Business Development Manager Manu Martinez was interviewed by IABM’s Rosanne Geymen.  Manu explains how smartPacks work, and most importantly, how they can benefit your business. You can watch the video here.

Another huge benefit following this year’s show was the much-improved airport check in and immigration. As always, Amsterdam provided lots of entertainment for the team and we had great fun catching up with industry colleagues and friends.

But that’s not all; we’re back with a new event, this time digital…

Sign up for IBC365’s Webinar: IBC Wrap-Up – Transformative Tech, on Wednesday 4th October and see our CTO Julian Fernandez-Campon discuss the key technology topics currently driving the M&E industry.

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