Interoperability is the future for Automating M&E Production [TV Technology]


TV Technology recently featured an article written by our CEO, Emilio L. Zapata, titled “Interoperability is the Future for Automating M&E Production” – a timely topic as interoperability becomes increasingly important as the M&E industry moves closer to process automation.  In the article, Emilio tackles the challenges of direct interaction between multiple applications (point-to-point integrations) and explains what it takes to ensure interoperability.

Emilio explores the new tools that simplify application integration, the impact of the cloud, and the emergence of Platforms as a Service (iPaaS) – some of which are developed with the no code paradigm so workflows can be designed without an IT team or providers.

Emilio sums it up by explaining why the barriers and inefficiencies of today’s integration orchestrators must be removed to ensure a continuous digital transformation, and how a Media Integration Platform (NoCode iPaaS for Media) provides the framework for different applications and systems to connect, facilitating interoperability and supporting compatibility.

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