Tedial’s Julián Fernández-Campón Joins Virtual IMF Tutorial Line-up
imf mam 101 tutorial session


On the 22nd April 2020 our very own CTO Julián Fernández-Campón will take part in a product demo and an online Q&A as part of the virtual Interoperable Master Format (IMF) 101 Tutorial.  Julián will explain how Tedial’s HYPER IMF MAM solution, the only end-to-end workflow leveraging IMF technologies, supports the IMF format for ingest, archive and delivery for the whole media operation with unique component based assets and component based streaming services that optimizes management of the IMF Packages.

The IMF standard simplifies next-generation content mastering, QC, management, manufacturing and delivery. The event, which will take place online between 9am and 11am Pacific Time, will take attendees through an overview of IMF use cases and technology including tutorials using some of the latest IMF products on the market and live Q&As with experts.

Careful and thorough IMF automation deployments support end-to-end workflows from the ingest of packages to the generation of new versions or the creation of new packages on-the-fly automatically, without human intervention using the IMF CPL and extending the OPL to a true No Code BPM framework. Tedial’s IMF MAM solution coupled with foresight and planning can provide measurable efficiency, cost savings and the capability to profitably expand capacity and operations globally. Thanks to multiple system architectures it can be deployed in the Cloud, On-Premises or as a Hybrid.

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