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Welcome to part-three of our hybrid cloud blog. In part-two, we defined the benefits for media companies when choosing hybrid cloud architecture. In this third blog we’ll discuss how Tedial is assisting with the transition to a hybrid cloud environment.

Tedial’s award-winning Evolution MAM system includes aSTORM, a dynamic content management solution that transparently manages various tiers across departments, locations or in the cloud. This includes on-premise live storage, nearline storage, deep archive tape libraries or public cloud storage such as AWS S3 or AWS Glacier.  Acting as an enabling technology, aSTORM allows media companies to efficiently operate using their chosen current architecture with the capability to evolve as future operational and commercial factors change.

Using logical storage groups and rules defined within each group, aSTORM can seamlessly move, backup and restore content when and where required. Live content can be kept on online storage for a period of time depending on its genre.  aSTORM can immediately archive content to tape whilst storing it online for a certain period of time depending on the logical storage group. News content can be kept online for 48 hours while live sport, which might need to be kept for editing throughout a whole week, can be kept on online storage for seven days, for example. Similar rules can be set using a public cloud.

In a typical Hybrid Cloud solution, Tedial recommends users to:

  • Deploy all workflows needed for normal operations on-prem and deploy additional workflows in the cloud for peak operations. This means that the capex cost can be kept at a marginal level and additional costs are only added for a limited period of time corresponding to peaks.
  • Keep low resolution content and metadata in the cloud and high-resolution content on-premise on online storage and in a tape library, to avoid high costs related to downloading content from the cloud. High resolution content can be managed by on-premise delivery workflows, which can ensure QoS of delivery is met.
  • Implement Delivery workflows in the cloud to maximize performance and efficiency.

Tedial’s Evolution MAM provides advanced security features in addition to standard IT protections. It also integrates with cloud-based AI technologies. Although workflows can be deployed on premise or in cloud. Non critical workflows such as automating metadata tagging with AI would typically be deployed in the cloud, while critical workflows would be deployed on-premises.  The advantage of this hybrid cloud integration is that customers keeps full control of their critical workflows and operation while benefiting from the latest cutting-edge cloud features, technologies and infrastructures, providing increased value to the production team. 

Using Tedial’s HTML5 web-based Evolution MAM, operators from all departments and external partners can access content from anywhere, anytime.  For example, teams are able to find more content, browse proxies, download or edit files without going through an archive team, who can now fully focus on their primary work of cataloguing and preserving content, significantly improving efficiency and productivity.

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